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About Trung Nguyen

Trung Nguyen Group is a Vietnamese-based business established in 1996. Trung Nguyen Group is currently one of the biggest companies in the Vietnamese Coffee Market. The company is famous for many successful products such as Trung Nguyen, Trung Nguyen Legend or G7. These delicious coffee products have been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world. 

Understanding the market trends, Trung Nguyen created their own eCommerce platform to reach their coffee lovers. The platform that we create for Trung Nguyen allows their customers to:

  • Find quality products that suit thier needs.
  • Discover and understand avanced coffee machines.
  • Receive advice for new business models such as Franchise or License
  • Participate in bartending and managing training

Better technology brings higher performance

When Trung Nguyen started their eCommerce platform, they built their website based on Magento 1. Magento is the number one open-source eCommerce platform in the world. In the F&B market, Magento has powered the eCommerce website of CocaCola. However, at the end of June 2020, the Magento team will end all support for Magento 1. So that, Trung Nguyen website needs to be updated.

Furthermore, the interface at that time did not create the best user journey. As a result, the company has difficulties in expanding its target customers and test new business models. Trung Nguyen also wants their stores across the countries to be synced simultanetously with the online system for better management.

We adviced Trung Nguyen to move to Magento 2 to have better performance and scalability. We also propose other features to their system:

  • Integrate ERP into the system
  • Store and secure huge database on Cloud
  • Develop a mobile app for a faster service
  • Connect POS with the online system

Engaging interface with Magento 2

We safely migrate all Trung Nguyen data to Magento 2: Data structure, categories, orders (including reports and saved orders) as well as customer information. We also design a new storefront which allows visitors to have better experience. 

Power up the website with new features

To make Trung Nguyen’s buying process easier, we have integrated various useful features into the new system:

  • Manage content and SEO
  • Manage products and inventory
  • Manage customers info and promotions: Apply different promotions to unique customers and groups
  • Order management system and subscriptions
  • Connect with Vietnamese payment gateways and shipping companies such as Alepay and ViettelPost
  • Integrate Google Maps to navigate customers to showrooms
  • Add popular social networks shortcuts such as Facebook to the website
  • Design email templates 
  • Email marketing through Mailchimp

Apply new business models

Not only targeting individual customers, Trung Nguyen also wants to cooperate with other beverage companies and aspiring restaurants. Therefore, we have helped Trung Nguyen customizing B2B features such as:

  • Registration for Trung Nguyen Partner
  • Approve/Decline registration
  • Quick order
  • Save and re-order
  • Manage B2B account
  • Separate discount for each product

Integrate the POS system with Magento 2

To seamlessly sync between online and offline stores, we have implemented the POS system for Trung Nguyen. Admin can turn off some features according to the needs of each location. 

Develop a new mobile app

Trung Nguyen’s mobile app is built to serve the needs of individual customers. They can make orders and payments quickly.

Integrate ERP based on AWS cloud infrastructure

We decided to integrate SAP HANA ERP into the eCommerce system of Trung Nguyen. Inventories will be synced effortlessly from SAP to Magento 2. All of these will be hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the most suitable solution for Trung Nguyen because it can store more than 10,000 SKUs.

The new system brings positive changes of Trung Nguyen

Coffee Hypermarket – The Trung Nguyen online store – has risen significantly since we implemented the new system. Magento 2 has made managing data easier: Orders are synced instantly, customers info are systematically organized and promotions are flexibly applied. Both online and offline stores are connected with the POS system.

Trung Nguyen can expand their influence and market share thanks to direct integration of partnership applications on the website. The new interface targets customers more effectively while Trung Nguyen can now cooperate with other businesses and brands. 

Each department is specialized in a different task corresponding to the online system:

  • Supply Department ensures the quantity of the products for online stores
  • Customer Support Department is the bridge: They interact with customers via social networks then quickly notify other departments through the ERP system
  • Inventory Department confirms the order and prepares for shipping
  • Warranty Department bases on customer information to store the serial number and warranty period. They are also in charge of repairing and upgrading the equipment.
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The old website was running atop Magento 1 and the company was ready to upgrade to Magento 2 to take advantage of the expandability that comes with the platform.

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