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Get to know Drinkies

The brewer had many complex goals because it is the leading company in its field globally. One of which is its latest Drinkies project in the South East Asia region. Drinkies’ idea is to bring the cold drinks directly to the customer’s doorstep within a 60-minute-delivery. The traffic accident rate caused by drinking and driving can be reduced.

The first destination for Drinkies Vietnam

“Cold drinks delivered to you within 1 hour!”. No company can make that claim because of the traffic in Vietnam. So how does the company do it? Heineken has partnered with Satrafoods HCMC to gain access to its storehouses and outlets that cover all over the city. In order to make it happen, the company also needs a technical part of the solution.

Delivery solution integration with Ahamove and Grab

We integrate the platform with major delivery service providers in Vietnam, for the time being, Ahamove and Grab, for the logistics side. The integrated system can decide the nearest and currently available driver to assign an order to him/her. Simultaneously, the most suitable store will be located by the system based on traffic and distance. With both of these, Heineken enables customers to have cold beers when it reaches their homes.

Local payment gateway integration with Napas and Momo Pay

On the financial side, we integrate popular local payment gateways to their Magento 2 site – Napas and Momo Pay. Aside from the security benefits, having these payment methods included offers a more convenient way for customers rather than paying by cash. E-transactions also help protect the driver from being refused an order.


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