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ERP implementation is a challenging process, requiring both a high-level system and a professional team. I appreciate the solutions that the agency has consulted us as well as the dedication of their implementation team.

After 2 months, 24h Visa has effectively managed the daily work of the staff, as well as monitoring the quality of products and services. Through better management of customer information, 24h Visa can listen to customers more proactively and effectively.

Hoang Anh (Mr.) – Project Manager and CEO Executive Assistant of 24h Visa.

About 24h Visa

24h Visa is an agency specializing in providing the fastest and quickest visa solutions. Their services ensure the highest acceptance rate for their customers in a timely manner. 24h Visa wants to discover new ways to increase the visa’s acceptance rate focusing on excellent quality and reasonable pricing. As digital transformation becoming more important, 24h Visa needs to have a fast and reliable system to boost its operational effectiveness.

24h Visa’s management challenges

Due to the improvement in the company’s management and communication processes, 24h Visa can switch to the chain business model instead of the traditional business model. They now have a representative office in each province to support wth the customers’ visa procedures. However, it is difficult to maintain the same standard across all branches.

24h Visa decides to integrate an ERP system to better organise and control a large amount of information they have. An ERP system enables organisations to improve their workflow and processes. An ERP is a Resouce Planning System that allows the sharing and management of information and operations through all departments and branches of the company. As a result, 24h Visa has to face a difficult task as they have failed to implement an ERP system twice.

24h Visa’s goal is to have a suitable ERP software that can sync the entire operation of the company and meet the business standards. We have gained the trust of 24h Visa to implement their ERP system in the third time.

This time, we have succeeded in deploying an ERP system for 24h Visa. We are a leading company in a technology solution. With our experience and expertise, we have been ranked as a Silver Partner of Odoo – The world number one open-source ERP system.

Our approach

We and 24h Visa decided to choose Odoo ERP because it is an open-source software. So that, it has a huge potential for customisation and improvement. Apart from the default modules such as CRM, POS, or Sales, businesses can connect many other applications to Odoo.

The workflow of Documents

The most important thing that 24h Visa want is to store and process the customers’ documents as they are a visa agency. We have built a smart document processing system based on Odoo ERP. 24h Visa’s Odoo system can manage the entire process of receiving and completing the needed information with customers.

Decentralize user

Admin can decide to assign user rights according to unique cases: Every employee or only authorized individuals can access the file. This helps to increase the confidentiality and specialization of each department as well as better assign tasks to the document processing team.

This system has the ability to set different levels of rights for the company employees. Only those authorised can access the specific file or processes.

Better target potential customers

We integrate the marketing system of 24h Visa with Voice Cloud – Call Center solution for businesses: When customers call, their information will display on the screen of the consultant. We also create contact forms and makes 24h Visa entry simple to access. 

Monitor business activities

We set prices based on the specific region in the Sales modules while keeping the workflow intact. Odoo will also notice the designated person of liabilities that individuals, partners, and B2B customers may have as well as requesting further actions.

Accounting workflow

We have updated the interface to simplify the accounting process. Now, it is easy to follow and connect transactions. We are also unique when compared to other ERP solutions because our system helps accountants track reciprocal accounts.


We have set up automated reports on Sales, Opportunity and Profit to support 24h Visa’s reporting system. Managers can produce reports on various departments such as call center/marketing, sale, documents processing and accounting teams at the end of the month or the required period

World SMS is also implemented. It is an automated messaging system to report the status of visa applications to customers.

These new features of 24h Visa are hosted on AWS. It is the leading cloud platform in the world. The system allows fast, confidential and efficient analytics of a huge amount of information. 

Odoo creates outstanding improvement to 24h Visa

Every department will become a project while every application will be a task. The marketing department will receive customer information, then transfer it to sales and document processing team. Meanwhile, payment activities will be handled in the accounting department..

Transparent workflow helps 24h Visa can deliver the best experience for customers when they do not have to deal with difficulties in managing data. The unification of information among Sales, Accounting and Document Processing departments has reduced manny repetitive procedures.

The new Odoo system saves time for a lot of employees as it reduces manual jobs. The automation and accurate reporting helps 24h Visa make suitable plans for their next steps.

View this case study on Magenest.

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