TikTok Ads Dynamic Quota [ Effective Sep 15th, 2022]

TikTok Ads Dynamic Quota new update by Mega Digital - TikTok Marketing Partner

Today, TikTok announces that it will be introducing a new policy called Dynamic Quota on September 15, 2022. Dynamic Quota will regulate how many active ads sets each ad account can have based on its spending history.

TikTok constantly works to improve its ad performance and help advertisers achieve their business goals. The platform aims to reduce the number of ad sets that are too large, so your remaining ad sets will have a better chance to pass the learning phase and have more consistent performance, improving the average lifespan of your campaign.

Understand TikTok Dynamic Quota levels

Based on spending history, an ad account can fall into one of the three Dynamic Quota levels, as follows:

Monthly ad spend per advertiserActive ad group quota
$0 <= Monthly Spend < $1,50050
$1,500 <= Monthly spending < $150,000200
Monthly spending >= $150,0001,000

What you should do to prepare

Before mid-September 2022, TikTok recommends that advertisers take the actions below to reduce the number of active ad sets in their ad accounts. If they don’t meet the quota requirement when Dynamic Quota is rolled out, TikTok’s system will automatically pause the ad sets that exceed the quota amount, having the lowest spend in the last two days. Ad groups paused by the system will be labeled as such. You can then unpause these ad groups as long as they have enough quota.

Recommended actions before Dynamic Quota goes live:

  • Filter and pause ad groups that spend less than $1 (or other desired amount). Find out how at this.
  • Filter and pause duplicate targeting ad groups. Find out how here.
  • Pause ad groups whose “delivery status” is “recommended to pause”. Find out how here.
  • Pause non-optimal ad groups (low delivery, high CPA, low ROI).

Recommended actions after Dynamic Quota goes live:

  • Use Automated rules to notify underperforming ad groups and pause them to maintain quota requirements. Find out how here.
  • Follow TikTok’s best practices for setting up an account structure. Find out how here.
  • Follow TikTok’s auction best recommendations to optimize ad sets without creating multiple ad sets and ways to troubleshoot delivery. Find out how here.

TikTok recommends that advertisers take the above actions as soon as possible to meet their quota requirements before Dynamic Quota is launched on September 15, 2022. Please contact us if you want to learn more about this update and if it will affect your campaigns.



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